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We are the premier gear supplier for the aerospace industry. Working in collaboration with our customers, we pinpoint how we can increase manufacturability, decrease costs, increase capabilities or improve manufacturing time. The customer gets the best value, saves money and becomes more competitive. We all win.

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three identical gears, with a grayish-black hue, placed against a white background, which provides a stark contrast and emphasizes the items. Each gear has a central hole, likely for mounting onto an axle or shaft. The gears appear to be made from a durable material, possibly metal or a hard plastic composite. The teeth of the gears are well-defined and evenly spaced, which is essential for meshing with other gears in a machine to transmit torque and motion effectively. This kind of precision gear is commonly used in various machinery and mechanisms where exact motion control is crucial. The meticulous crafting and smooth finish indicate high-quality manufacturing standards.

Repeatable Consistent Production

We document our procedures, constantly improve and build quality into the entire manufacturing process. This exceptional documentation drives consistency and repeatability. Quality isn’t just inspected in after the part is manufactured, it’s built in to every step of manufacturing. Learn More
a mechanical gear, which appears to be a spur gear with a blackened finish, typical of a hardening or anodizing process to increase surface durability. The central hub has a pattern of evenly spaced holes, which could be for weight reduction or for attachment to other components. The gear's teeth are finely machined, indicative of high-precision manufacturing standards. Such gears are often found in applications requiring reliable power transmission, such as in automotive, aerospace, or industrial machinery. The lighting and composition of the photograph emphasize the gear's geometry and the quality of its construction.

Experienced, Happy Workers

When you work with Lee's you get a dedicated, highly trained staff of machinists and engineers who have been in the industry for years. "We have millions of dollars invested in specialized, high-tech machinery, and that's important," says company President, Tom Molnar. "But, it's the people who make the machine work well." Our staff knows the industry and how to operate efficiently. Learn More
a complex machined metal gear or component. It features internal and external teeth, suggesting it may be part of a gear system or a mechanical coupling. The central part shows intricate details, possibly splines, for a shaft connection. The outer ring has finely machined gear teeth, and the smooth, polished surface indicates a high-quality manufacturing process. The presence of multiple sets of teeth could imply a specific functionality within a larger machine, potentially for power transmission with precise control.

Exceptional Documentation

We are a process-driven company. Although we are certified AS9100 (an audited standard governing quality for the top performing companies in manufacturing) we like to think of ourselves as AS9100+. We don't just meet the requirements, we exceed them. Our enhanced processes help us to optimize our people, our resources. Learn More
a metal gear with a complex structure. The gear has a central bore with internal threads, suggesting it may be screwed onto a matching threaded shaft. The outer part features a larger diameter with milled gear teeth suitable for meshing with another gear. The precise machining and clean, shiny surface indicate high-quality manufacturing, possibly for use in industrial machinery or automotive applications where such components are essential for mechanical operations. The bright, even lighting and the plain background emphasize the gear's details and workmanship.

Stable workforce, growing company

We're proud that many of our employees have been with us for up to 30 years. They have the experience to manufacture parts to exacting quality standards and know how to improve the process. We aren't standing still though. We've more than doubled our manufacturing space in the past five years and are increasing our capacity for the next 40 years. Learn More
a gear, specifically a helical gear, which is recognizable by the angled teeth. Helical gears are used in applications where smooth operation is required because the load is distributed over several teeth resulting in less noise and vibration. The central hole suggests that it is meant to be mounted on a shaft. The construction looks precise and robust, suggesting high-quality manufacturing suitable for heavy-duty or high-precision machinery. The gear’s metallic finish indicates that it is made from a durable material, possibly steel or aluminum.

Engineering Expertise

Engineering is an investment that creates advantages for both Lee’s and the customer. We provide cradle to grave engineering solutions including blueprint review, design for manufacturing and cost-out reviews. Our Value Added / Value Engineering process helps to pinpoint which items add value and which add cost. Learn More
a cylindrical roller element with a metal end cap. The body of the roller seems to be made of a layered material, possibly composite or laminated, that could provide a balance between strength and weight. The metallic end suggests a durable surface, likely designed to fit into a housing or mate with another component in a machine. The design might be part of a larger system, such as a roller bearing or a guide for a sliding mechanism in industrial equipment, where smooth motion and high wear resistance are essential. The precision in the roller's surface finish implies its use in a high-tolerance application.

Trusted Supplier

Most of our customers use us as the centerpiece of their gear supply chain. We have the expertise and are also the easiest supplier to do business with. We know how to create, manage and optimize the supply chain. In fact, we’ve been a trusted supplier of some projects for more than 30 years. Learn More