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We are the premier gear supplier for the aerospace industry. Working in collaboration with our customers, we pinpoint how we can increase manufacturability, decrease costs, increase capabilities or improve manufacturing time. The customer gets the best value, saves money and becomes more competitive. We all win.

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Repeatable Consistent Production

We document our procedures, constantly improve and build quality into the entire manufacturing process. This exceptional documentation drives consistency and repeatability. Quality isn’t just inspected in after the part is manufactured, it’s built in to every step of manufacturing. Learn More

Experienced, Happy Workers

When you work with Lee's you get a dedicated, highly trained staff of machinists and engineers who have been in the industry for years. "We have millions of dollars invested in specialized, high-tech machinery, and that's important," says company President, Tom Molnar. "But, it's the people who make the machine work well." Our staff knows the industry and how to operate efficiently. Learn More

Exceptional Documentation

We are a process-driven company. Although we are certified AS9100 (an audited standard governing quality for the top performing companies in manufacturing) we like to think of ourselves as AS9100+. We don't just meet the requirements, we exceed them. Our enhanced processes help us to optimize our people, our resources. Learn More

Stable workforce, growing company

We're proud that many of our employees have been with us for up to 30 years. They have the experience to manufacture parts to exacting quality standards and know how to improve the process. We aren't standing still though. We've more than doubled our manufacturing space in the past five years and are increasing our capacity for the next 40 years. Learn More

Engineering Expertise

Engineering is an investment that creates advantages for both Lee’s and the customer. We provide cradle to grave engineering solutions including blueprint review, design for manufacturing and cost-out reviews. Our Value Added / Value Engineering process helps to pinpoint which items add value and which add cost. Learn More

Trusted Supplier

Most of our customers use us as the centerpiece of their gear supply chain. We have the expertise and are also the easiest supplier to do business with. We know how to create, manage and optimize the supply chain. In fact, we’ve been a trusted supplier of some projects for more than 30 years. Learn More