Industry Certifications

a close-up of a mechanical part with a vibrant yellow coating, possibly for corrosion resistance or as part of a branding color scheme. The piece exhibits a combination of circular holes and precision-machined flat surfaces with rounded corners, suggesting it's part of a larger assembly, possibly a gearbox or machinery. The surface finish is smooth, which indicates high-quality machining standards. This part could be used in various industrial applications, requiring durability and strength.The aerospace manufacturing industry has a variety of certifications which require regular audits.  These certifications show that we meet standards of quality, documentation, processes and more.  This means that you can be assured of a high-standard of quality, documentation and expertise when you do business with Lee’s.

AS9100 Certified

AS9100 is a standard of quality which applies to manufacturers in the Aerospace industry.  We are audited annually and have met all requirements of this important certification.  

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Dock to Stock

When you work with us, you’ll experience enhanced documentation and quality processes. In fact, because of this consistent, high-quality performance, many of our customers skip direct inspection.  Our parts go straight into assembly, saving customers time and money.

FAA Certified Repair Station

We are so committed to the aerospace industry that we are even certified as an FAA Approved Repair Station. This means that we have been certified according to FAA regulations to repair, replace and overhaul aviation articles.  This gives Lee’s unique understanding of repair requirements versus other manufacturers. (FAA# L7MR335N)

ITAR Registered

Lee’s is ITAR Registered. This means that we have registered with the US DDTC and are in compliance with military and defense article export regulations.

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