Our Facility

a close-up view of a gear part. It has a dark gray or metallic color with a finely machined surface. The gear teeth are well-defined and exhibit sharp edges, indicative of high precision in manufacturing. There is a central hole, which likely serves as a mounting point to a shaft or similar component. The background is blurred, which brings the gear and its detailed features into focus. This component is probably used in machinery that requires interlocking gears, possibly in automotive, industrial equipment, or robotics applications where precise motion is essential.Our climate-controlled facility has been growing to meet the demands of our customers.  We have made huge investments in our 25,000 square foot facility, more than doubling manufacturing space in the past five years.

Continuous Improvements

We are currently adding additional production capacity,  enhancing our manufacturing floor layout design, building improved employee break areas, enlarging our training area and providing better conference room facilities.

We have also installed a $1.2 million solar electric project on the roof of our facility which produces 370,464 kW hours per year.