Engineering Services

a close-up of the edge of a large, finely machined gear. The individual teeth are well-defined and appear sharp, indicating precise manufacturing. The metal has a matte finish and displays signs of high-quality workmanship. Such gears are typically used in applications where high precision and reliability are required, such as in aerospace or automotive industries. The gear appears to be robust, suggesting it could handle significant loads, which is common in industrial machinery and equipment.Our engineering department is made up of engineers who are also experienced practical, hands-on machinists.  In fact, our Engineering Manager has 30 years experience in machining.

Our engineers specialize in gearing and actuator components.  Your project will benefit from engineering knowledge of this unique discipline. Our engineers work in collaboration with our customers to understand the necessary capabilities and can suggest changes that increase manufacturability or capabilities while reducing overall costs.

Contact us with your next engineering challenge to learn how our engineering process will add value.