Community & Environment

an aerial view of the Lees Enterprise buildings with a significant number of solar panels installed on its roof. The panels are laid out in neat rows, covering most of the available rooftop space, which suggests a commitment to sustainable energy practices. Air conditioning units are visible on the rooftop, interspersed among the solar panels. The building is labeled "LEE'S ENTERPRISE," indicating the name of the business. The parking lot adjacent to the building is partially filled with cars, indicating that the photo was taken during business hours. This setup reflects an investment in renewable energy, likely to reduce energy costs and the environmental footprint of the business.Our employees and families all live near our facility and enjoy the quality of life that Southern California offers. We feel that it is important to take part in bettering our community and help out in the following ways.

If you know of another opportunity where we can help, please let us know.


Lee’s Enterprise supports the following local schools and programs to train the next generation:

  • Involved Mentor Apprentice Machine Shop for Van Nuys High School
  • Involved Mentor Apprentice Machine Shop for Chatsworth High School
  • School Robotics Program Sponsor
  • AYSO Soccer Teams Sponsor
  • Charitable Giving Program for select charities
  • Member of NTMA


Manufacturing is a resource intensive business but we believe in doing all we can to minimize our impact on the environment.  We follow or exceed all government regulations to reduce emissions and recycle coolant and materials.  In a typical year we recycle 5000 gallons of coolant and 100,000 pounds of metals.

Lee’s has also installed a $1.2 million dollar solar electric project on the roof of our facility which produces 370,464 kW hours per year resulting in the following equivalent environmental savings.

Savings Per Year Lifetime Savings

Pounds of CO2 Reduced



Tons of Coal Saved



Acres of Forests Saved



Miles Not Driven