Complete Assembly

a complex machined metal gear or component. It features internal and external teeth, suggesting it may be part of a gear system or a mechanical coupling. The central part shows intricate details, possibly splines, for a shaft connection. The outer ring has finely machined gear teeth, and the smooth, polished surface indicates a high-quality manufacturing process. The presence of multiple sets of teeth could imply a specific functionality within a larger machine, potentially for power transmission with precise control.Working on assemblies allow us to solve our customer manufacturing issues at a higher level and lower costs. The customer need only manage one assembly and one supplier versus multiple parts and suppliers.  Customer assembly time is reduced and inventory costs are lowered to make the customer more competitive.

We partner with our customers in long-term contracts throughout the total life of a project.  By working together over a longer period, we can both build in efficiency, learn from each other and lower costs.  Although we prefer long-term contracts, we can also work on single POs.  However the benefits above are often reduced.

Assembly examples

  • Planetary Gear Carrier Assembly
  • Linear ACME Jack Screw Assembly
  • Electrical Brake Core Assembly
  • Clutch Assembly

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