Engineering Expertise

a machined metal part with a smooth, reflective surface. It appears to be a section of a larger mechanical assembly, featuring a cylindrical cavity with a rounded interior profile. There are precisely drilled holes around the perimeter, likely for bolts or rivets to secure this component to others. The meticulous finish and the sheen on the metal suggest high-quality manufacturing processes, such as CNC machining. This component might be used in industries requiring high precision and strength, like aerospace, automotive, or advanced machinery. The craftsmanship indicates a focus on precision and attention to detail.Engineering is an investment that creates advantages for both Lee’s and the customer. We provide cradle to grave engineering solutions including blueprint review, design for manufacturing and cost-out reviews.

Working in collaboration with our customers, our Value Added / Value Engineering process helps to pinpoint which items add value and which add cost.  As a result, we can increase manufacturability, decrease costs, increase capabilities or improve manufacturing time.  The customer gets the best overall value depending on their needs.  

Years of experience

Our engineering department is made up of engineers who are also experienced practical, hands-on machinists. Our Engineering Manager has 30 years experience in machining and all our engineers specialize in gearing and actuator components. Your project will benefit from engineering knowledge of this unique discipline.