Markets Served

We are the premier supplier of electro-mechanical actuator components to the aerospace industry.   Our company  is involved in almost every major platform in commercial and military aerospace. If you see an aircraft in the sky, Lee’s is on it.

Commercial Aviation

A Boeing 787 passenger aircraft flying over an ocean studded with scattered clouds.From the latest jumbo jets to general aviation aircraft, Lee’s is involved in creating the gears and actuator components which keeps them flying. Next time you fly, you can feel confident that we’ve done our job right.

Military Aerospace

a stealth aircraft, characterized by its distinctive angular and flat surfaces designed to minimize radar cross-section and enhance its invisibility to radar detection systems. It's flying over a serene body of water, which creates a sense of calm and isolation.Military aircraft must be manufactured to the highest specifications for mission-critical operations. Our parts fly on projects including: F-15, F-16, F-18, F-22, F-35, B-2, B-52, A-10, C-17, C-5, C-130, Predator, Apache and Sikorsky helicopters.