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Performance Optimization and QLI

lees-enterprise-gears-19What is QLI? It stands for Quality Leading Indicators. This is a system introduced to us by Eaton, a major customer. They use it to manage their company. Because of our prior performance they had selected us to help them to develop a template and methods for implementing this management system among their supply chain.

Unlike other management systems, and continual improvement approaches, it incorporates predicative analytics. These are leading indicators that help us to understand in advance the health of our business systems and processes.

In this way it is not reactive, but rather predictive, so we can act before anything bad occurs. It allows us to better see our future and make decisions today to overcome future risk. This will help us to optimize our performance and consistency going into 2014.

We are in the process of developing our model for this system and will have it fully implemented by the end of the first quarter.