Performance Optimization and AS9100

lees-enterprise-gears-7Our version of AS9100 is what we have called ‘ AS9100+’. We see three levels of implementation of AS9100 used throughout the aerospace community. The first level is compliance only. In this case the firm is doing what they need to do to comply but have not bought into, or accepted AS9100, as the quality approach for their organization.

The second level is compliance and use. These firms not only comply but also do their best to actually use the system to run and mange their quality processes. Beyond this are organizations such as ours that not only have embraced the AS9100 System, and implemented it, but also having it under continual improvement (CI).

The CI process for us is our Performance Optimization Plan where we look for new opportunities to add to the AS9100 System to help us to outperform the competition. We create new ideas that while keeping the philosophy of the AS9100 System, push us to new levels of performance.